About me


Welcome and thanks for stopping by.

​I have been writing for many years, but it wasn’t until I wrote my debut novel The Lido Girls that I finally made it right to the end of a novel. I love writing for writing’s sake but I was determined that this project was the one I would finish and try to get published, and though I nearly gave up a number of times I am so pleased I didn’t. Not long after I’d typed The End I was fortunate to be signed with HQ Digital (Harper Collins). Once I’d had a long lie down and taken this all in, I began work on my second novel almost straight away.

The idea for The Lido Girls came after I took some swimming lessons a few years ago. I started out with a fear of putting my head under the water and before long I couldn’t stay out of the pool, and started to read about swimming and its history and then I became interested in the 1930s and the popularity of the British lidos during this time.

My second novel begins on Armistice Day in 1918 and will be published in August 2018. For more information on that, please pop back. I am also blogging about my challenge to myself to read my way through the fictional heroines of the last century, decade by decade. I’m doing the challenge at a very slow pace, and hoping that we haven’t reached the 2020s before I’ve finished the 1920s!  You can find the blog at www.heroinesoftheirtime.com 

Finally a little about me…I live in Kent with my young family and husband. Since my children came along I switched from my career in marketing to become a work-at-home freelance copywriter where I can wear my PJs and indulge in water-cooler chat with my tortoises. This year I have been considering a career change and I have been studying horticulture, which has inevitably provided excellent inspiration for my second novel.